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Coastal Living - “Welcome to Paradise”

As luxurious as Silk, these glamorous new homes can be your escape from the everyday.

At Silk our talented team of Architects, Real Estate Professionals, Builders and Designers work to provide you with the ultimate in living solutions.

Silk – Tea Gardens
is a bespoke private, secure, high-end development designed to simplify living without sacrificing elegance.

Tea Gardens is an unspoiled coastal community which uniquely offers a magnificent river teaming with fish, dolphins, and amazing wildlife. It also boasts a coastline of several beautiful beaches. You will often see Kangaroos and Wallabies at dawn and dusk which adds to the magical flavour of our beautiful home.

The Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest area is a mecca for Boaters, Walkers, Surfers, Swimmers, Fisherfolk, Surf Boat Rowers, Kayakers, Whale Watchers, Bird Watchers and much more.

For gentler recreational pursuits there are Restaurants, bars, a Golf Club and a Country Club to choose from, and our beautiful iconic Tea Gardens Hotel.

For many years, Tea Gardens has been a favoured ‘sea change’ destination, for all it has to offer, and its homes are in high demand.

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